A message from Rob Martin, First Fruit Institute, Partner


On behalf of First Fruit, I’m excited to offer you this free eBook, When Money Goes on Mission.

It is my hope that if you share in this love of God’s work, whether as a giver to missions or as a receiver supported by resources of others expressing their love for God through you, this book will help you navigate the course God has shown you, and you will find a true communion of giving and receiving in what may be the great expansion of Christianity since the earliest days of our faith. Let’s begin the adventure!

Rob Martin

Author of When Money Goes on Mission
First Fruit Institute, Partner

Build high-trust ministry partnerships that are effective and joy-filled

Download your free copy of When Money Goes on Mission, a gift from the author and First Fruit, Inc. This eBook will teach you:

  • how the paradigm of giving is changing in the 21st century
  • how to craft a vision that donors will hear and appreciate
  • how to build strong, successful relationships between donors and fundraisers